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Turning correction into expression.

Getting braces sucks. WildSmiles creates custom brackets that help turn braces from something that takes away from a child or teen's personal identity into a new opportunity to express it. I led a team at Elevate on the design of WildSmiles' re-branded website.

Eye-Popping Homepage

It's hard for a kid to get excited about medical gear. The homepage literally has explosions, so now there's no excuse. The explosions serve a purpose, however, highlighting the shapes of the brackets as well as the customer's interests that could attract them to WildSmiles.

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A Fun Way To Shop

A traditional "add to cart" experience wasn't going to work due to the complexities of custom orthodontics. I designed a (way more fun) drag-and-drop interface that not only gathers the relevant data for the doctor (and WildSmiles' inventory), but also includes a sharing interaction where the child or parent can "share their smile" on social media.

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Rock Your Smile

I designed a Pinterest-style page for WildSmiles' customers to "submit their smile" as another brand touchpoint. This additional feature also provides assurance and trust to potential customers and offers another social sharing opportunity for clients.

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