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Stepping up the Game

After months of designing and building a killer desktop application for tracking and improving high school, college, and professional football team performance, it came time to bring the experience onto the field. I worked with the team at Elevate in designing a mobile experience so great, even the oldest-school coaches couldn't wait to use it.

The Desktop App

The Lockr desktop app is robust with features such as practice scheduling, play and team drill entry and tracking, and professional networking tools for coaches. These robust features are greatly enhanced when taken on the field, but required thinking through new workflows that made sense for an active, mobile environment.

Lockr Webapp

Lockr vs. the Clipboard

Change is hard. It's even harder when that change is from one of the oldest technologies in the world (pencil and paper) to a potentially unfamiliar digital system. Lockr brings a completely new way to look at team performance, so crafting an easy-to-use, obviously better product was paramount. This wireframing process helped solidify feature-set, and plan how mobile-specific technology would make their work not only more effective, but easier. Our initial research into how coaches actually work guided this process significantly.

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Pushing the Game Forward

Taking the play and drill features onto the field creates real-time opportunities for improvement. I designed an easy-to-use system for creating and tracking plays and drills, utilizing native tools like the built-in camera for real-time video capture and personalized team data.

Lockr Mobile Drill & Play Tracking Features

Easier Coaching, Stronger Careers

Quick-view team effectiveness summaries and at-a-glance calendaring systems make running the team a snap. Professional networking tools, social sharing, and email and phone integration give coaches new, useful ways to show their skill and connect with opportunities and peers.

Lockr Mobile Team & Professional Management Features
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