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Entertainment where you are.

After spending over 15 years laying West Africa's fiber infrastructure, Suburban (Nigeria's largest provider of telecom services) wanted to launch a top-of-the-line Internet, VOIP, on-demand, live TV, mobile, and streaming service using it. I led a team at Elevate to explore its potential and design their new suite of apps.

Wireframing The Experience

The team spent a lot of time with Legend, as well as their app development partner, exploring and refining the functionality of the app.

  • Legend Wireframe
  • Legend Wireframe
  • Legend Wireframe
  • Legend Wireframe
  • Legend Wireframe
  • Legend Wireframe

Custom Icongraphy

Since we had designed Legend's visual identity and had a solid base to pull from, we were able to build out a set of over 100 custom icons cohesive with the overarching brand.

Legend Icons Dark
Legend Icons Dark
Legend Icons Light

Cohesive Cross-Platform

Due to usage patterns in Africa, the apps were designed for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile. Each version of the app follows specific OS usage patterns while still holding together as a suite.

Legend Tablet Design
Legend Cross-Platform Design
Legend iOS Mobile
Legend Windows Mobile
Legend Android Mobile

Optimized for TV

I optimized the app's design for native TV interactions. Significant changes included D-pad support as well as adjustments for viewing distance, screen size, and hierarchical navigation without touchscreen-style menu functionality.

Legend TV - Single Movie
  • Legend TV - Home Screen
  • Legend TV - Live Schedule
  • Legend TV - Play Screen
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