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Bringing 66,000 videos in 1,200 languages into the future

Jesus Film Media approached Elevate in 2014 to cast a vision for the future of their video-based ministry apps. I led the team at Elevate in the mobile portion of the brand and product redesign.

Information Architecture

The Jesus Film Media library is huge. Since 1979, they have created multiple feature-length films translated to over 1200 languages, and have also built a robust network of video partners who provide thousands more videos. Crafting a plan was paramount to our success. We had done a lot of research into JFM’s userbase, which helped us design an easy-to-use framework for the applications. This research also allowed us to brainstorm and begin designing novel features to enhance the interactivity of the app and drive engagement.

  • Information Architecture - 1
  • Information Architecture - 2
  • Information Architecture - 3


Due to the diverse use cases of JFM’s missionary userbase, this app needed to be rock solid whether you were at home on WiFi, or in the jungles of Central Africa. Wireframing for every device helped create a great experience for everyone.

Mobile App Wireframes
Mobile App Wireframes
Mobile App Wireframes
  • Web App Wireframes - 1
  • Web App Wireframes - 2

Purposeful Features

Simply adding features for the sake of features doesn’t create a great product. Through our research, we were able to pinpoint where the app wasn’t performing up to par, and create new experiences to create more value for the user. New features like language previews, multi-parameter search, social media integration, and note-taking make for a more useful app in the field.

  • Search Wireframes - 1
  • Search Wireframes - 2
  • Search Wireframes - 3

Visual Exploration

The final part of this project was a brief visual exploration. These key screens prioritize the video content and maintain an effortless experience through the vast library. While they had recently undergone a logo redesign, a clean, focused approach to the app created a more cohesive visual effort for the entire brand.

Visual Exploration
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