Fun Stuff!

Some of my favorite recent side projects.


I've been lucky to have friends that occasionally need cool t-shirts. Shown shirts include Flight Metaphor (an indie rock band), Take 12 (a 12-hour service project), Flywheel (the best managed Wordpress hosting in the known universe), and Hardy Coffee (a local coffee roaster).

  • Flight Metaphor Tee
  • Take 12 Tee
  • Flywheel Tee
  • Hardy Tee

From Farm-To-Desk

My friend Ben, who runs co-op wood & metal shop Bench, helped me design and plan what is now my work desk. I had a great time building it straight from slabs of Iowa walnut and milled steel (and probably a hundred hours of podcasts).

Desk-Building Process Shots
Desk-Building Process Shots 1
Desk-Building Process Shots 2
Desk-Building Process Shots 3


As a designer, it's my duty to design my wedding, right? I created a logo and built a responsive website as well as letterpressed and assembled invitations individually on Neenah paper. The final touch: heat-embossing the invitation covers using a wooden stamp, toaster, and hair dryer at my in-laws' cabin.

A+E Wedding Shots
A+E Wedding Website Homepage
A+E Wedding Website Info
A+E Wedding Website Program Interior
A+E Wedding Website Program Exterior

My Name is Rudolph

I was asked to participate in a PechaKucha put on by AIGA Nebraska and Design Alliance Omaha where presenters retold the story of Rudolph in an assigned medium. I was given music, so I wrote a 3-song EP from the perspective of emo teenage Rudolph (instead of the creepy omnipresent Burl Ives snowman) as he traversed his historic journey. The EP (and PechaKucha presentation) is available free at (or on Noisetrade/Spotify/etc.).

My Name is Rudolph Homepage
My Name is Rudolph Responsive Website
My Name is Rudolph EP Cover Art
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