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Faith Comes by Hearing

Building a brand for 5.7 billion people.

Faith Comes by Hearing, the world's largest audio bible library with translations in over 800 languages, recently merged with the online study bible, I led a team at Elevate that designed a more impactful website combining the once separate brand identities.

Wireframing The Experience

I completely wireframed the new website before moving into visual design. This allowed us to prototype and visualize a more involved project section and a streamlined shopping cart.

Wireframes - Overview
Wireframes - Home
Wireframes - Projects
Wireframes - Store

A Homepage With A Purpose

The previous homepage was lacking heirarchy and focus, so I divided it into logical sections communicating key FCBH products. Clear calls-to-action were established to draw users into the site.


Telling a Stronger Story

The previous FCBH site had powerful stories of how their products were used in the world, but they were buried too deep in the site. I gave these testimonies a featured section and created an interactive map that allowed text, video, and social sharing. These were created to be easily updateable and changeable.

Project Map

Other Details

  • About Page

    In-Depth About Section

    A more detailed about section brings a face and trust to the organization.

  • Outreach Page

    Focus on Partnerships

    The new partner section shines a spotlight on core products and creates an easy way for those interested to get involved.

  • Donations Page

    Streamlined Donations

    A more straightforward donation portal helps supporters better track exactly what, when, and how often they're giving.

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