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Crafting a clearer message.

Exile International had been operating for years with a bootstrapped brand and website. As part of an overall rebrand focused on creating a more "professional" presence, I led a team at Elevate in designing a new site that helped the brand grow alongside the organization.

Building A Solid Foundation

This project operated on a non-profit budget, so only certain screens could be customized. We started by simplifying and organizing their current web content into an information architecture document. We then decided which sections would be templated and which would benefit from an individualized experience.

Information Architecture Doc

A Focus on Story

Exile International does amazing work through art therapy and rehabilitative care. We knew early on that it was the resulting stories of hope and reconciliation that would get potential supporters on board. Photographer Jeremy Cowart's involvement in the organization meant mind-blowing photography straight from the field was on hand, allowing us to easily create authentic, cinematic visuals.


Illustration & Iconography

I designed custom illustration and iconography reflecting the new spirit of the brand, as well as Exile International's core tenents.

Secondary Icons
Tertiary Icons

In-Depth Projects

Continuing the focus on story and cinematic visuals, I created an in-depth projects section highlighting their work on the ground in Africa.

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