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The world's first mobile breathalyzer.

My team at Elevate designed Breathometer's beta product app, which had an amazing appearance on ABC's Shark Tank. After further product development and securing funding from all five sharks, Breathometer came back to Elevate. I led a team that completely redesigned the app for their new bluetooth-enabled device.

Color Palette

Breathometer Color Palette

With a new health-focused device, Breathometer was changing their target focus from the dimly-lit bar crowd to the bright, fun health & lifestyle consumer. Where the previous version needed to standout in a nightclub, the color palette could now shift from out-of-the-box rainbow colors to slightly more mature, but still vibrant hues.


Breathometer Iconography

Thick, geometric iconography was created to tie into the "bubbly" aspects of the brand. Light gradients match the background element treatment.

Dynamic Results Screens

Since the app's userbase is largely intoxicated, it was important to clearly communicate the user's blood alcohol content (BAC) level. The background is a green to yellow to red gradient, recalling streetlights, for easy comprehension and also features a large button to call a cab without impedance.

Breathometer Results Screens

Focused on Keeping Attention

The sensitive technology in the device requires a few moments of calibration and a timed, sustained blow for testing. Bright animations were created to hold the (potentially impaired) user's attention during countdowns. The screen also "fills up" with bubbles as the user blows, sustaining the visual metaphor, and adding another point of interaction to keep the user engaged.

Breathometer Blow Flow Screens

Other Features

  • Breathometer Start Screen

    Layer Metaphor

    The user is "pulled in" as they are guided through testing, clearly communicating their location within the app at all times.

  • Breathometer Activity Screen

    Interactive Charts

    In-depth charts allow the user to see their history, in an attempt to better understand their health.

  • Breathometer Calibration Screen

    Smart Downtime

    Interactive tutorials and animations make the most of necessary calibration downtime.

  • Breathometer Navigation Screens

    Prioritized Navigation

    Testing (the key interaction of the product) is brought to the forefront of the app's navigation.

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