Hey there!

I'm Adam,

I love making things that matter + friends along the way.

To quote The Universal Traveler — good design is "a process of making dreams come true." Whether starting or scaling, good design bridges the gap between understanding, intention, and craft to shape our daily experiences, environments, and livelihoods. I've spent the last 15 years trying to create good things, and like to spend my time on problems that reflect and improve our day-to-day realities.

My career has run the gamut. I've been a freelancer, a contractor, full-time. I've worked at agencies, boutique brand & web shops, product consultancies, and product companies. All of these experiences tied together by a persistent drive to make things that make your day better, are a little quirky, a lot of awesome, and that ultimately do the thing.

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Rick Knudtson

Good work!

After leading design at Flywheel — helping them to achieve remarkable  customer growth, retention, and multi-product market leadership — we were acquired by WP Engine in 2019.

I now serve as the head of the WP Engine design + research org, working on corporate product strategy as well as growing our design + user research practices in my role as Director of Product Design.

Here's some of my favorite work from the past few years —