Hey there!

I'm Adam,

a design director who loves helping startups find scale + making friends along the way. Over the last 15 years I've worked at ad agencies, boutique brand & web shops, product consultancies, and product companies making things that do the thing, make your day better, are a little quirky, and a lot of awesome.

Great business is a design problem. Whether starting or scaling, good design bridges the gap between the understanding, intention, and craft that it takes to create the path to success. The teams I've led have helped our customers and companies win through design.

Adam was extremely helpful in managing designers who worked on my teams to ensure they were meeting the team’s expectations and provide us designs that helped achieve our goals!

Keegan Mahoney

Product Design & Engineering can often be at odds when building product, but I really appreciated Adam’s focus & intentionality to ensure our teams were collaborating in a healthy and effective way. I always felt like I could align directly with Adam and be confident that we would be able to carry that forward to our teams. Working with Adam was a dream.

Tommy Vacek

Adam Trabold is a fantastic hiring manager to work with. He was extremely easy to partner with as a recruiter and had great communication and continuous feedback to help recruit the best talent. Would absolutely love the opportunity to work with him again!

Kelsey Campbell

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Rick Knudtson

Work I'm proud of

Most recently I've been at Flywheel using design to power the massive customer growth and retention that eventually lead us to  multi-product market leadership and acquisition by WP Engine in 2019.

I now work at WP Engine as Director of Product Design, where as part of our Senior Leadership Team I work on crafting our corporate product strategies and growing our design practice.

Here's some of my favorite work from the past few years.