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I like to make
things that:

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I love mentoring new designers, specifically those outside of overly-represented groups. I approach everything I do collaboratively and as a partnership by default.

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I’ve done this work every day for the last 12 years. The people, teams, and companies I’ve worked with have gone on to get that investment, win that local election, finally launch that v1 app, grow after improving that v1 app, and ultimately connect more deeply with their audience.

Today, I'm Director, Creative – Product at WP Engine, where I serve as creative leader of our products remotely from Virginia. My prior company, Flywheel, was acquired by WP Engine in 2019 after achieving (in part due to my team's work) staggering growth (Inc. 500 fastest growing US companies 2018 + 2019), multiple rounds of investment, and most importantly the genuine love of our now hundreds of thousands of customers across our many products.

During my 5+ year tenure between the two companies, I helped Flywheel grow from that small, Midwestern, company with 30 or so employees, into part of the story of the largest company in the WordPress space. I'm excited to continue this same commitment towards building beloved products as a part of WP Engine, and can't wait to see how we grow next!

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